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I am delighted to announce BULLIONROCK's involvement with Bullion Bitcoin - a gold and bitcoin exchange for professional investors.

As the first nominated Vault Operator for the business, BULLIONROCK will provide customers with the facility to buy and hold gold bullion which can be exchanged for Bullion Bitcoin Receipts with that will allow them to trade between gold and bitcoin, twice-daily, with other customers via the bespoke platform created.

Our non-executive director Toby Birch has known the brainchild behind the project, Adam Cleary of Cavenham Cpaital (an FCA regulated firm) for many years and the launch of the business next week comes after months of thought, preparation and fine-tuning, in which we at BULLIONROCK have been very pleased to have played our part. 

Please contact us for further details and find details on the business HERE 





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Saturday February 15, 2014 by Robin Newbould