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Without any shadow of a doubt, the film I have watched most often is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I never knew that the Bridgekeeper would come to mind as I thought about a new fund idea!

[King Arthur and his knights arrive at "The Bridge of Death" - guarded by a Bridgekeeper]

He who would cross the Bridge of Death 
Must answer me
These questions three 
'Ere the other side he see.
RN as Bridgekeeper:
Do ... you pay UK capital gains tax?
Do ... you hold, or want to hold, gold as an investment?
Do ... you think gold may rise by more than 15% in your investment time-horizon?

If yes is the answer to all three questions for you or your clients then I would like to hear from you - I have something that I am certain will be of interest to discuss.

Expert / sophisticated investors and regulated financial services businesses only please.   

Set Ratio Size 275275-Holy Grail -275

(By the way, the scene before the bridge is great)

King Arthur: 
Now, we are about to attempt to cross ... the Bridge of Death!
The gate-keeper of the Bridge will ask any who attempt to cross five questions ---
Sir Bedevere: 
Three, sire.
(pause) Oh, yes, three. He who successfully answers these five questions ...
Three, sire!
(slightly longer pause) Ah, three, then...er, may pass in safety
However, anyone who fails to correctly answer all five questions -
THREE, sire!
I KNOW IT'S BLOODY THR -- ahem, yes, of course, three ... (black look at Bedevere) ...will be cast into the Gorge of Eternal Peril!


Saturday September 28, 2013 by Robin Newbould