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Guernsey Mint Bullion and Guernsey Mint Refined have come together and will soon trade under the new name BULLIONROCK. 


Offering Excellence in Precious Metals, three ways:

DIRECT // Physical bullion sales

INVEST // Investment portfolios

SELECT // Institutional services


BULLIONROCK will provide a full spectrum of investment choices: from online pay-by-debit-card physical bullion sales (delivered to your door) through to multi-million pound investment portfolios.

The company is also looking into a number of very exciting collective investment schemes and into providing a white-labelled back-office reporting solution to a number of interested independent bullion brokers.

Finally, BULLIONROCK will be marketing its robust processes and procedures to regulated financial services businesses, predominantly in the Channel Islands and London, as it looks to establish further intermediary relationships for firms looking to offer their underlying clients exposure to precious metals in physical, allocated form.

Exciting times lay ahead. 



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Sunday July 28, 2013 by Robin Newbould