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On 5 July, Guernsey Mint Refined bought Guernsey Mint Bullion Company's internet sales platform, a whole bunch of IP rights / technical stuff and a couple of desks, chairs and iMacs!


And so started a journey of discovery for me and the burgeoning team at Le Gron HQ to work out how best to knit together under one roof the two businesses offering online physical bullion sales and delivery and precious metal and commodity investment portfolios.

An old dog that loves a new trick, I was pretty certain of the operational and cost effeciencies that could be enjoyed - if I could just get the two systems linked together ...

Fortunatley, I am wise enough to know that my imagination will always be bigger than my programming skills (which are non-existent!) and I am yet more fortunate to know NIgel and Dom at Blix who do all that computer sort of work for a living - and really well. They had built and developed the internet sales platform for Simon and Bruce at Guernsey Mint in the first place which helped enormously when it came to delivering further functionality requests (still ongoing as I, like all terribly annoying clients, ask "could you make it do this? could you write a report that tells me that?")

I have thoroughly enjoyed learning from Simon, Matt and Mike how the online business works and I am fascinated by client patterns and behaviour. The Guernsey Mint Bullion following is loyal and growing and Guernsey Mint Refined has inherited a hugely successful business which we want to make even better.

A tall ask, but I have every confidence we will do it. 



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Saturday July 20, 2013 by Robin Newbould