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Once in a while we get asked to do something really exciting ... and fun!

I started speaking to the team behind this new coin last year and am really pleased and proud to see it finally, after lots of hard work all round, available for sale through Guernsey Mint Bullion and Guernsey Mint Refined - the exclusive retailers in Europe.




Keiser Ethical Silver presents a unique opportunity to purchase fine 999 pure recycled silver one-ounce rounds.

The name "Keiser" refers to Max Keiser, the world-famous TV presenter, radio host, entrepreneur, broadcaster, journalist, and financial commentator. He hosts the Keiser Report, a financial programme broadcast on Russia Today.

Max is famous for his promotion of silver as an investment and as a form of protection against the debasement of fiat currencies.

The obverse features a detailed image of a bank vault surrounded by Max Keiser's slogan. The reverse bears the recycling symbol surrounding the globe.


Kindly note that, unusually for us, the price shown on our website is 'all-inclusive' and you will not be charged commission, delivery, handling or booking charges on purchases of 500 coins or more to be stored in the Guernsey vault, or collected from Guernsey. 




Thursday February 14, 2013 by Robin Newbould