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BULLIONROCK Invest is all about choice. We believe we are a part of a unique business - a regulated entity offering physical bullion sales and storage alongside exchange-traded commodity and unallocated metal dealing: all in a single portfolio.

At your request, we can switch between any of these assets on a daily basis … efficiently and cost-effectively.

We offer the choice so that you can have the exact exposure to precious metals that you want, when you want. Something we read recently confirmed that we are clearly not making a big enough song and dance about this.

BULLIONROCK will be writing a couple of educational (but not too heavy) pieces in the next month or so, in order to get our message out there.

In the interim, for the rest of 2013, we would like to offer you a helping hand transferring your existing gold-exposed exchange-traded commodity holdings into physical bullion at the 'all in' prices below - but only if that's what you'd like to do.

We will handle all of the paperwork (and pay the costs*) to enable you to transfer your holdings from certificates, or from your existing broker or investment manager, into our nominee company account at our offshore stockbroker and then we will sell as much or as little of the holding as you like, when you like, and reinvest into the physical metal.



Gold 1oz 999.9 fine bar at 2%

Gold 500g 999.9 fine bar at 1.5%

Gold 1kg 999.9 fine bar at 1.25%

Gold 12.5kg 999.9 fine bar at 1%



Gold Britannia 1oz 999.9 fine coin (CGT exempt) at 4.25% 



If required, custody will be charged at 0.15% pa for exchange traded commodities, subject to a monthly minimum fee of $5 and storage will be charged at 0.35% pa for the physical gold, subject to a minimum fee of $10 per month. 


Please contact us to discuss if you would like further detail - we would love to talk to you.



* subject to a review of what your current broker is thinking of charging you to transfer a line of stock. Prices shown include the transfer and sale of your exchange traded commodity investment and the purchase and delivery of the assets above to Guernsey for storage in the vault or collection by you.


Best -choice

Wednesday August 28, 2013 by Robin Newbould