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There has been a lot of Press attention on Gold v Gold Mining shares, so we wanted to give you, our clients, the opportunity to invest in an exchange-traded vehicle which, as its raison d'etre, aims to track an index of some of the world's largest and best-known gold mining companies.

If this sounds like your thing, we have put ETFX DAXglobal Gold Mining Fund (AUCO) on the Other ETCs page ... 

 Top Ten Holdings (as at 31 July 2012)

1 Newcrest Mng Ltd 15.4%
2 Goldcorp Inc. 12.6%
3 Barrick Gold Corp. 12.3%
4 Newmont Mng Corp. 8.7%
5 Randgold Resources 6.7%
6 Anglogold Ashanti 6.7%
7 Eldorado Gold Corp. 5.5%
8 Kinross Gold Corp. 4.5%
9 Agnico-Eagle 4.5%
10 Gold Fields Ltd 4.1%

Please read the factsheet carefully. This ETF is synthetic (using swaps to deliver its performance) and is not backed by holdings in the underlying gold mining companies. 

And, as one of my previous employees pointed out to me this week, this ETF has not been the most liquid investment at times, so please also consider that prior to investing. 


Saturday September 15, 2012 by GMR