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The Guernsey Mint Bullion Company this week minted the first ever one troy ounce 999.9 fine silver medallion commemorating the bicentenary of the death of Major General Sir Isaac Brock, "Hero of Upper Canada."


After requests from esteemed coin collectors, a strictly limited production of solid fine gold medallions will be produced for the top end collectors market. Sold in strictly limited numbers to collectors, these will be available upon request.

The medallions have been intricately designed by General Brock's first cousin six removed, artist Oliver Brock, and carry a portrait of Sir Isaac Brock on the obverse, with a compound image of the Battle of Queenston Heights on the reverse, with the motto 'Push on the York Volunteers' around the rim.  The medallions are 37mm in diameter and 3mm thick.

£5 from the sale of each silver medallion will be donated to the Brock Memorial Foundation, a Guernsey Registered Charity that provides support to projects intended to maintain and enhance the legacy of Sir Isaac Brock both in Guernsey and Canada. With such an historical significance to the people of Canada and the limited production run, these are already being discussed with coin and medallion aficionados as being of excellent collector interest, especially as experts predict increased precious metal prices over time.

The Brock Family and the people of Guernsey are very proud of the actions of General Brock during his long service in Canada, including his preparations for War, his efforts to raise militia units and make alliances with the Native peoples, and of course his daring actions at Detroit and Queenston Heights.  There is a day of celebrations planned on October 13th 2012 on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands.

For more information and to place orders for both the limited production of silver and gold medallions, please go to www.isaacbrock.com Prices will be set daily according to spot prices for silver and gold.



Thursday October 4, 2012 by GMR