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Let's have a little look at where we are at, shall we? US election over, fiscal cliff looming nearer on the horizon, QE3 in tact, Bank of Japan asset purchase fund increasing and Europe no closer to a resolution ... what more reasons could you want to buy and hold precious metals?


I think it more than fair to report that common consensuses among bullionists would reveal:


The win for Obama was good for precious metals:

[owing to the fact that QE3, under his presidency, will remain unrestrained in quantity and time]

Non-resolution of the European debt crisis is good for precious metals: √ 

[Greece's austerity measures which entitle it to latest EUR31billion from the austerity fund have casued rioting (from the country's 25% unemployed, I guess) ... and Spain has yet to clarify exactly what it needs and / or when]

Non-resolution of the US fiscal cliff is good for precious metals: √

[please see previous post for a bit of further detail, if required] 

Low interest rates and the potential for inflation is good for precoius metals: 

[central banks are very publicly making it known that interest rates will remain at record low levels whilst pursuing expansionary policies] 

Fiat currency devaluation owing to monetary easing is good for precious metals: √

[GBP, EUR, USD and now JPY are all at risk here - the bank of Japan has just announced a second consecutive month of increased asset purchases to stimulate it faltering economy] 

Super-storm Sandy has made us realise that life is precious: √

[it shouldn't take something so violent to remind us, not long fallen-from-the-trees-primates, that the beauty of precious metals is their innate, intrinsic and historical value which last for millenia]




Friday November 9, 2012 by Robin Newbould