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News & ResearchThe Guernesey Double

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Legal tender Guernsey silver coins are available from Guernsey Mint Bullion in two sizes - the 1 ounce 8 Double coin (also available from Guernsey Mint Refined: minimum order 500 coins) which has a face value of £2.00, and the half ounce 4 Double coin with a face value of £1.00

Eight Double Guernsey coins were first minted in 1830, each bearing the ancient royal seal of King Edward I that was given to the island in 1279. The seal depicts the three lions of England with the French, the legal and common language in Guernsey at the time, word "Guernesey" above. 

The blanks are made for the Guernsey Mint by Metalor: their purity and weight guaranteed by the refinery in Switzerland where the precious metal for the coins is produced. The "GM" mintmark, the 999.9 purity mark and the year of mintage complete the coin. 


Weight: 1 troy oz

Purity: 999.9 fine silver

Size: 37mm diameter

Monday June 11, 2012 by GMR