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Please allow me to introduce myself: an offshore investment professional with a passion to make a dream into a reality - Robin Newbould, Managing Director of Guernsey Mint Refined.

I met Simon and Bruce Russell (the men behind Guernsey Mint Bullion if you didn't know already) three years ago when I was working for Cenkos Channel Islands. We wanted to create a gold investment collective scheme that would buy and then hold its gold in Guernsey - an island of political stability boasting financial industry excellence that is surrounded by water for added security! To cut a long story short, it was not to be: I moved to live in Jersey later that year and the idea never made it to market http://www.cenkos-ci.com/media/8820/cciiml_news_-_published_17th_december_2010..pdf

Life is a rich tapestry, however, and perhaps nothing happens without a reason … having left Cenkos and returned to Guernsey in the summer of last year, I was delighted to bump into Simon again who asked if I would come up to Le Gron to chat to him and Bruce about how Guernsey Mint might better offer services to individual bullion investors, intermediaries and institutions looking for dealing, custody, administration, reconciliation and reporting services for precious metal & commodity investments ...


Robin Newbould, Managing Director

Over the last fifteen years, I have worked in chartered accountancy, investment management and stockbroking in both Guernsey and Jersey. I'm a non-executive director of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investment. I've also just founded the Guernsey division of the extremely important www.BBCurry.com movement.

Friday June 1, 2012 by Robin Newbould