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The INSIDE STORY ('Fear fills London's fortress of gold') in The Sunday Times Business Section reports on the 'Fort Knox on Thames' ... a bank-run bullion vault with a minimum client holding requirement of 12.5kg gold (c.$750,000).

The article was great - making all the cases for holding bullion that GMR has been putting across since its inception - culminating in the line, "Gold ... has for thousands of years been a very simple, and very effective, exchange mechanism."

So, Fort Knox on Thames, I see your London-based metal box and raise you: how about a fully-insured "six-sider" (a reinforced steel and concrete cube) based on an island hewn from granite surrounded by water with all the recorded cctv and alarm systems you would expect, catering for clients with more than £10,000 to invest?

Welcome to Guernsey Mint Refined.


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Sunday December 9, 2012 by GMR