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It’s Grim Out There, Eh?

Monday July 23, 2012 by Robin Newbould

Well I’m sorry, but not all bad news can be bad news for precious metals, can it? I said in one of my previous posts (‘You win this time Greenback’) that I was worried that the markets were seeking a safe haven and concluding that the US dollar was the best … when in fact it might be more accurate to view it as ‘the best horse in the glue factory.’

Gold Medal?

Thursday July 19, 2012 by GMR

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- Next week in London, athletes from around the world will go for the gold. But as it turns out, the Olympic gold medal is mostly made of silver. Weighing in at 412 grams -- or roughly the weight of a can of green beans -- the gold medal is made up of only 1.34%, or about 6 grams of gold. The rest is comprised of 93% silver and 6% copper. Melted down and sold at today's market value, those raw materials would be worth about $650.

Gold to Hit $2,000 per Ounce by Year-End?

Sunday July 15, 2012 by Robin Newbould

Merrill Lynch has added its voice to the chorus of gold bulls predicting that gold bullion will hit $2,000 an ounce .... that's a 25% upside from Friday's closing price. I'm wondering if most people really do have an exposure to precious metals in their portfolio ... and if not, why not?

You Win This Time, Greenback ... This Time

Saturday July 7, 2012 by Robin Newbould

So, there I was thinking about how US treasuries and the US dollar have this week been the main beneficiary of the woes of the European financial world - and yet, in itself, that seemed illogical given the US economy is hardly a paragon of solace and stability - when I came across an article that starts: "My partner Eric Sprott often says, 'The US dollar is the best looking horse in the glue factory. If the US dollar is the world's strongest currency, that's the best endorsement for gold I can think of.'"

Client Special Offers 2

Friday July 6, 2012 by GMR

For our clients with accounts set up - today we can offer: 20 x 1kg Gold 999.9 bars at SPOT; 15 x 5kg Silver 999 bars at SPOT; and 85 x 1kg Silver 999 bars at SPOT Commission and delivery payable on top = no more than 1% total.