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This is brilliant ... and quite scary!

Monday January 28, 2013 by Robin Newbould

Posted this on LinkedIn and Twitter and got a good response

Fractional Reserve Banking

Monday January 21, 2013 by Robin Newbould

One for the thinkers out there ... a verbatim transcript of the brilliant opening to Zeitgeist addendum (do look it up on YouTube). Little wonder there are many out there who think that gold should be double, treble or more times the price it is now.

A Bar In The Bank Is Worth Two In The Fort

Sunday January 20, 2013 by Robin Newbould

Back in October of last year, I posted that the German central bank had made the move to withdraw the majority of its gold holdings from the Bank of England. Well this week, they have been at it again ... only this time, they've asked their French and US custodians to hand over the bullion. Now why would they go and do and thing like that, do you suppose?


Wednesday January 9, 2013 by Robin Newbould

Precious metal or fiat currency ... what would you prefer?

2013: Go! Go! Go!

Saturday January 5, 2013 by Robin Newbould

So we're off ... a strange mix of elation at an eleventh hour deal to rescue the US from the fiscal cliff, disappointment at the threat of 'throttling back' QE-Infinity and a total shoulder-shrug at the US postponing, and raising, the $16trillion debt question. I mentioned in my last post that I couldn't see the contradictions present in the market lasting long ... I'm glad to say that much wiser men than me agree.