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Bullion Bitcoin Limited

Monday June 2, 2014 by GMR

BULLIONROCK operates an account for Bullion Bitcoin Limited in the UK. We thought it important to share the attached.

We Couldn't Agree More!

Sunday April 6, 2014 by GMR

Great recent article from Citwire. How do you hold yours?

Breakfast Seminar

Thursday November 28, 2013 by GMR

BULLIONROCK is hosting a seminar next Thursday 5 December which is primarily aimed at, but not limited to, the trust industry. We are delighted to announce that the Managing Director of Metalor UK and the Head of Tax for KPMG Guernsey will be speaking at the event.


Thursday November 28, 2013 by GMR

Managing Director Robin Newbould answers a few frequently asked questions.

Special Offer

Tuesday July 30, 2013 by GMR

GMR has 12x 250g 999.9 fine gold Metalor bars for 1.5% over spot 'all inclusive' for collection from, or storage in, Guernsey.