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We look forward to helping you to build your precious metal and commodity investment portfolio. Decide how to trade your assets then get started online, on the telephone or come in and discuss it with us.

Opening an Account

As a business registered with the Guernsey Financial Services Commission, we are bound by local regulations to have you establish an account with us before you can trade. Please start the process for us here and we will get you up and running in no time.

We can also open accounts for introducers and intermediaries.

Adding Funds

You will need to fund your account before you can start trading. We will provide you with the offshore banking details for our nominee company for you to pay into once your account is set up.

Your money is held in a ring-fenced, off-balance-sheet client money account at all times where we would greatly appreciate your leaving a small float for our monthly ad valorem fees please!

Whilst we transact, and collect fees, in US Dollars, you can send us almost any currency you like - we have preferential terms for conversion with both our bank and a number of third-party foregn exchange dealers.

Managing Your Portfolio

We have invested heavily in the technology required to book, reconcile, monitor and administer your trades, portfolio investments and cash. Once a client, you will receive log-in details to our secure web portal where you can view your portfolio and your transactions. You will also be able create orders to send via a secure messaging system to our dealing desk for execution.

Registration of Your Assets

Unless you collect your physical bullion assets in person, they will be held, for administrative convenience and safekeeping, registered in the name of our wholly-owned nominee company on your behalf. Your interest in the nominee company's aggregate holding of physical assets will be reflected in the account maintained for you whilst your relationship will solely be with BULLIONROCK.

The physical assets held on your account will be your property so that BULLIONROCK, via its nominee company, will provide bailment services only, and shall not take ownership as trustee. The above will also be true of both unallocated metal held on a metal account and your uninvested cash held.