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The prices shown on our website include the premiums and discounts to the underlying spot metal price that we have negotiated from our suppliers for making and scrapping the precious metals, but please note that they may be indicative and subject to a 15 minute delay to 'live' dealing prices.

We always transact in US Dollars - the currency used in the precious metals and commodity markets. You may fund your account in other currencies as we can convert amounts on your behalf: please call us for details on 01481 706767. 


No More 'All-In' Pricing

We have deconstructed the 'all-in' prices often used by other providers of precious metals in order to show you the spot price along with the manufacture, delivery, handling and commission charges.

Our pricing and charging structure is transparent and consistent and is governed by our terms of business.


Our Pricing - The 1 kilo Gold Bar 

An example of the total amount payable by you:

Spot Gold (T/oz) $1,740.38 $1,741.69
1 kg $55,953.15 $55,995.40

1 troy ounce = 31.10 grammes. 1 kilo = 32.15 troy ounces.

32.15 t/oz x $1,741.69 $55,995.40
Refining and casting costs for gold bullion bars at 0.4% $223.98
Price per bar (as displayed on website) $56,219.38
Our commission of 0.5% $281.10
Delivery charge* 0.5% $281.10
Vault handling charge $50.00
Bargain charge for booking $25.00
Total net consideration for 1kg bar $56,856.57

*Shows delivery costs to our Guernsey vault facility.

Rates for delivery to the Swiss vault and/or collection in person from Guernsey will be different.

Please note: all prices shown on our website are, owing to contractual obligations, delayed by 15 minutes and must always be considered indicative. They are not live dealing prices.