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Offshore vault storage
Your choice of Guernsey or Switzerland

Store your bullion securely offshore

Unless we agree otherwise, your bars, coins or grain will be held in Guernsey or Switzerland on an Allocated Pool basis. What this means is that our wholly-owned, but entirely ring-fenced, offshore nominee company will act as bailee for you - storing the physical precious metals that you will own in the Allocated Pool. Such assets shall not be available for either BULLIONROCK or its nominee company to use.

Note that some of the assets can only be stored in our Guernsey vault: this distinction will be clear when you place an order with us. In other cases you may select which vault you want your bullion to be stored in.

Guernsey Vault

Have your physical bullion held in our secure, off-site, vault facility. Fully-insured and independently audited with a complete, itemised, stock inventory reconciled to our nominee and client portfolio records each day.

Notice of 72 hours will be required to withdraw assets from our Guernsey vault should you decide to collect your bullion from Guernsey at a later date. The charges for this will be detailed in our terms of business - a copy of which you will receive during the account opening process.

Swiss Vault

BULLIONROCK has an account, held in our nominee company name, with Switzerland's best-known precious metal storage and logistics firm: VIA MAT International (VMI), owned by the Loomis Group. Their vault premises are fully-insured and your assets will be independently audited periodically. We receive monthly positional and transactional reporting from VMI. 

At this time, only gold bullion bars may be stored in the Swiss Vault.