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Platinum and Palladium bars
Offshore vault storage in Guernsey

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Platinum is a member of the platinum group of elements that occur naturally in the alluvial sands of rivers. First used by South American natives to produce artifacts, it was referenced in European writings as early as 16th century, but it was not until a report published in 1748 on a new metal of Colombian origin that it started being investigated by scientists. South Africa now produces over 80% of the world's supply.

Platinum is extremely scarce, highly valuable and is used in catalytic converters, electrical equipment, dentistry, jewellery and, of course, as an investment asset.

Palladium was first discovered in 1803 and, some fifteen times more rare than gold, is one of six metals referred to as PGMs (platinum group metals). Currently less expensive than platinum, palladium has many similar properties - it is favoured for use in the automotive (catalytic converter) industry as it is both harder and more heat resistant than platinum. Fuel cell, dental and chemical usage provide further industrial demand, whilst palladium bullion as an investment is now traded worldwide.

About Our Assets


999.5 fine platinum and palladium bars in London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) good delivery form from the world's leading refineries.

Platinum & Palladium Products

Bullion Bars

Weight Bid Ask Min Quantity Min Order
1 kg Platinum $ $ 1 bar $
1 oz Platinum $ $ 10 bars $
1 kg Palladium $ $ 1 bar $

Unit Conversions 1 troy ounce = 31.1034 grammes 1 kilo = 32.1507 troy ounces

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Guernsey Vault

Have your physical bullion held in our secure, off-site, vault, which is fully-insured and independently audited. A full, itemised, stock inventory is reconciled to our portfolio records daily.

Swiss Vault

We have opened an account with Switzerland's best-known precious metal storage and logistics firm. Their vault premises are fully-insured and our client assets will be independently audited periodically.

Or Collect

You can collect purchased bullion, from Guernsey, on request. We may reflect such assets on our systems in order that you can see their value when you login to our client portal.

Please note: unless you collect your assets, your bars, coins or grain will be held in Guernsey or Switzerland on an Allocated Pool basis. Our wholly-owned, but entirely ring-fenced, nominee company will act as bailee for you - storing physical assets that you will own in the Allocated Pool. Such assets shall not be available for either BULLIONROCK or its nominee company to use.

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