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About Us Dealing, Custody, Reconciliation & Reporting for Bullion Investors

BULLIONROCK prides itself on the excellence of its service and its innovation: our clients are secure in the knowledge they get an unprecedented level of price transparency, robust process and reporting clarity when trading and investing in precious metals. We are specialists, we're excited about what we do and we think we do it better than anyone else. Whether you are a private investor, a trader or an investment house looking to hold precious metals as part of your clients' portfolios, we speak your language.

We believe physically owning bullion is a stable, long-term investment diversification strategy and BULLIONROCK is the best business for those looking for credible precious metals investment services.

For some time we've recognised that trust companies and wealth managers, working on behalf of clients with diversified portfolios, have not been well served when it comes to trading and storing bullion. BULLIONROCK Select offers credible, specialist services for these clients.

BULLIONROCK is in a unique and advantageous position in the market. We buy and store physical gold, silver, platinum and palladium in Guernsey where there is no sales tax on any of these precious metals. We hold our clients' bullion in the exact form, purity and size that they have requested us to purchase - not like the 'fractional ownership' model pursued elsewhere.

BULLIONROCK's aim is to provide excellence in precious metals for our clients regardless of their location, home currency, time zone or language.

We are here to discuss your specific needs and cater to your requirements.



BULLIONROCK is the trading name of Ravenscroft Precious Metals Limited (company number 54550) and its wholly-owned subsidiary Coinbox Limited (company number 60127). Both companies have their registered office addresses at PO Box 222, 20 New Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey, GY1 4JG and both are registered with the Guernsey Financial Services Commission.


Ravenscroft Precious Metals - GFSC 

Coinbox Limited - GFSC



Robin Newbould

Managing Director

Robin has worked in offshore finance for 20 years, initially for MeesPierson (now ABN Amro) and then Collins Stewart (now Cannacord Genuity) where he was appointed Head of Stockbroking for Guernsey in 2004. He left to establish Cenkos Channel Islands (now Ravenscroft) in 2005, helping to list it on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange in 2007.

Robin has previously served as a non-executive director of the Channel Islands Stock Exchange and was educated at Elizabeth College in Guernsey and King's College in London. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment.




Heritage: Guernsey Mint and Guernsey Gold

In July 2013 BULLIONROCK took over the operation of the Guernsey Mint Bullion dealing platform integrating both the physical bullion sales for delivery and the investment portfolio business into one offering. 

In January 2014 BULLIONROCK Invest took on all of the clients of Guernsey Gold Limited - another bullion business based on the island that was founded and run by Toby Birch. 

In November 2017 BULLIONROCK was bought by stockbroking and investment management business Ravensroft.